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Gmail, now you are 10


Yesterday, on 1st of April 2014, as usual Google launched its April fools’ joke – Google Maps Pokémon Challenge. Last year it was Gmail Blue. Likewise Google had an array of April fools’ jokes since 1st of April 2004. All those jokes were successful campaigns as internet users kept on getting caught to them unintentionally.

10 years back, on April fools’ day – 01st of April 2014, Google launched 2 pranks and it was the inauguration of Google’s prank series. Out of those two initial pranks, one was a real joke (could become a reality considering the pace which the world is moving.), which was a proposed job on the moon. But the second one has become a reality and it has become the leading product in its category. The second prank was launched about a free e – mail service.

Gmail Interface April 2004

Gmail interface in April 2004

At the time Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL had similar services and would have been a real challenge to fight with them. But being the fact that Gmail being a product which has come to the party courtesy of Google’s tradition of allowing 20% free time for its employees to engage in anything they think as innovative, has taken Gmail to the top of the ladder in the e – mail services list.


Paul Buchheit – the creator of Gmail

Gmail was designed by the 23rd employee of Google – Paul Buchheit. Prior joining Google, he had worked at Intel. In 2007 he started a company of his own named FriendFeed. In 2009 Facebook acquired the company and he moved to Facebook. And later in 2009 he quit Facebook and became an angel investor and has invested nearly 40 startups. He won The Economist’s Innovation Award 2011 for the Computing and Telecommunications.

It is believed that Paul had started the development work 3 years prior to its launch and tested the service internally. Once the pre – testing had become a success they had decided to put it as a prank on April Fools’ Day and launched the service. As per the available information it is believed that Gmail has a user base of 425 million. On top of that, Gmail is said to having 50 million business users. According to toptenreviews (, Gmail is currently the world’s best free e – mail service. In the list Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo and GMK are number 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

On the day which Gmail is celebrating its 10th birthday, the first double digit birthday, Gmail and its creators can be very proud about themselves, because Gmail has definitely delighted its users (customers) and exceeded the customer expectations, with continuous innovation and improvements.

 Thank you and happy 10th anniversary “Gmail”.

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