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Message service center numbers for all Mobile operators in Sri Lanka

There is a configuration to set up Message centre in every mobile phone. When you get a new cellular phone, have to preset their message center number in to it which is provided by your ISP. Digit length of SMS message service center numbers is not a fixed number. Mobitel message service center address and Airtel message service center addresses is 7 digits long while dialog and etisalat message center address is 8 digits long and hutch message center address is 9 digits long.


Dialog GSM +94-77000003
Hutch +94-785000005
Airtel +94-7500010
Mobitel +94-7100003
Etisalat +94-72000004


sms message center

sms message center on android

You must do this only one time if your hand phone is not receiving messages or if it can’t send them.

  1. Enter Menu Mode on your handset
  2. Select MESSAGES
  4. Select MESSAGES SETTINGS (for some hand phone models if necessary)
  5. Select option for MESSAGE SERVICE CENTRE number or its equivalent
  6. Enter Message Centre Number: +9477000003 (For Dialog)
  7. Confirm selection.