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Yahoo to Launch a YouTube like Service


There is no doubt that Marissa Mayor has turned it on for Yahoo. Since she took over duties as the CEO of Yahoo, tech giant’s fortunes started to change in big time. Before Marissa’s took over Yahoo was hopeless and lacked catchy services and was nowhere near Google. She was hired from Google – where she spent his entire career, since 1999, in July 2012. She did major changes and took critical strategic decisions to change the fate of Yahoo.

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Marissa Mayer spent 13 years of her career in Google. She was Google’s first female engineer.

An interesting article on the changes Marissa did has been published in “Business Insider” website and you could read the article by clicking below link.

She showed results within 1 year. For the first time since May 2011, Yahoo became the number 1 website in USA, in July 2013 surpassing Google. One of the simple and catchy changes she did was replacing the Blackberrys Yahoo employees were using, by Smartphones. Every Yahoo employee had the opportunity to be an owner of either of the 5 phone models – iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, HTC EVO 4G LTE, or Nokia Lumia 920. The whole idea of this was to make sure that employees get the chance to experience their own mobile apps. Isn’t it a simple and a catchy strategy? For me, it is.


Marissa became the CEO of Yahoo in July 2012. Within 1 year she was able to change the fortune of the company.

Under Marissa’s leadership it seems like Yahoo is going to make another breakthrough change in their business. News comes out from various sources about a YouTube like Yahoo service. The opportunity Yahoo is after is the complaints piling up from video producers and networks regarding YouTube’s revenue scheme. Yahoo is planning offer guaranteed ad rates for videos of video producers. Also, in the initial phase Yahoo will not allow every user to upload videos. They would look to open the platform to quality video producers up front, and with time they are planning to open the platform further.

Last year Yahoo failed to convince Dailymotion management to sell the company to them for US$300 million. Dailymotion is a video service platform similar to YouTube, but not as big as YouTube. But it is quite clear that they were planning to start their own video service from last year onwards.

Someone would get the doubt on the possibility of this service surpass and challenge YouTube, because of the 1 billion hits per month YouTube gets. How long will it take Yahoo to be a notable rival to YouTube? When looking at the performance of Marissa Mayer over last 2 years and the amount of effort she is putting on to make Yahoo a real market leader, it is quite evident that YouTube might have to watch the moves of Yahoo video service very closely. If Marissa had the potential to make Yahoo popular than Google inside USA within 1 year, there is no reason why she could not do it to YouTube.

Another thing Marissa could do is to get in to partnerships with popular mobile service providers. That would allow Yahoo to make the service more popular and provide a smooth service. Since Telcos are looking for meaningful partnerships with OTT players, Yahoo has the potential to become a mutually benefitted partner for Telcos.

Reference : “Report: Yahoo Considering to Create Its Own Version of YouTube” by ALEX CO,

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