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Cheap Korean Galaxy S4’s in Sri Lanka are Real Galaxies from Samsung..?


After listening about latest galaxy s4’s new features, enhancements and performance, I was thinking of buying a new galaxy s4. So I checked on Dialog and Mobitel websites cost was about 110K rs. Pffff, That is big money.  Then I search on to see what could be the price on retail market in Sri Lanka. There I could find brand-new Galaxy S4s for 20K to 35k, wow 35K one fits perfectly on my budget for galalxy S4 (20k fits even more better).  But there was a problem, all those S4s are Korean.

I thought even though Korean, it is S4 and made by Samsung, I will go for that. I know that Samsung will never produce a bad quality one for own country.  When I check the specifications, the major difference of Galaxy S4 for Korea and Internal is their processor.Actually in comparison, Korean one is better than International one in most of the aspects.  So where is the catch, sounds like excellent deal?  I called some of these guys to see whether this is some kind of a joke.

When I called them those phones are genuine galaxy S4s, but when I asked them reason for cheap price, all says only problem with those phones are they don’t have eye sensor and has a back camera 5Mpixels where International one has 13Mpixels.  Phone has Samsung batch and packaging box is exactly the same as internal version.

I thought eye sensor is not a killer feature that I cannot live without. Low camera quality is problem, but still it’s ok for the price difference. Finally I decided to buy one.  I thought maybe there is an issue of frequency band that phones support and there could be some problem with mobile network support. But person I called confirms that this phone works with any mobile operator in Sri Lanka including Dialog. Finally I verified the language also English and phones are operator unlocked too.

But I noticed that some of phones are having 512 Mb RAM and others have 2Mb RAM. One goes close to 20 K is one with 512 Mb Ram, and one has 2GB ram is more than 30 K Rs.  When I looked at the specification there has never been a Galaxy S4 with 512 MB ram released by Samsung. So this could probably be the fake one.  So it is worth to go to 2GB Ram Korean model even though missing eye sensor and Camera quality, it is a quality product from Samsung.


For me it is ok to buy Galaxy S4 with some missing features, but It has to be from real Samsung. I’m not willing to buy a Chinese or fake device for a lower price. I started to search more about Galaxy S4, the Korean version, But according to the wikipeda ( , All the S4s have 13 Mpxiel camera. There is no mention of anywhere that eye detection is not working in some of the models (there is no specific sensor for eye detection and S4 is using I’ts front camera for eye movement detection).

I found some articles regarding the storage of the device that genuine 16Gb S4 is having close to 9GB of the space available for users. But this Korean version with 16GB is having 2Gb when connected to PC. I decided this phone is also a fake one. Fake s4s are sold in the srilanka with name of Korean version. There are very little resource on the web regarding such fake Samsung devices. So I decided to blog my experience.

Finally I decided to go for internal version even though the price of that is higher, paying some extra for real thing doesn’t seem to be bad idea. (It is indeed real good phone, I still couldn’t find what’s missing in it)Also It is a very prudent to buy with reputed shop, so that there are so many fake models in Sri Lanka which cannot be easily identified.


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  • The Minion

    The Minion says:

    Is it the same with the Korean GS3?

    July 8, 2013 at 7:11 am

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