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Sms delivery report for Apple IPhone for Dialog customers in Sri Lanka

Note: This method works only for Dialog mobile users for the moment.

If you start to use iPhone after Nokia or blackberry phone, one feature you are going to find missing is sms delivery report. You can use I messenger to send a message to an apple user, you can see the delivery status in case the remote party is also an iPhone user.

Even though the reason for apple to remove this feature is not clearly mentioned by the apple, The only thing we can guess that Apple thinks that this is a feature that people don’t need.

But for some of us, it could be frustrating that we don’t know whether the message is delivered to the remote party as we used to wait for the delivery report after sending a sms.  All the other phones in the market have this feature supported.

Some of the apple customers are requesting this feature in numerous blogs and  some of the operators have this feature built into their networks.  For example adding a some special prefix to start of the message.  This will send a delivery report back to user once the receiver receives it.

In Sri Lanka, Dialog Axiata has built iPhone sms delivery as a service to activate by sending a message to dialog short number. Once you enabled it, you will receive a delivery status message once your message is delivered to the receiver.

Activation/Deactivation of the feature.

Activation: type “delivery on” and send to 9010.

Deactivation: type “delivery off” and send to 9010.


Please note that the service is offered at FOC by dialog.


this service works only for Dialog mobiles.  In case I found another operator supports this feature, I will add it here.

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