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Amazon DASH and IOT buttons in Sri Lanka

Amazon dash button

Amazon dash button is a typical example for IOT based devices which is simple to operate and configure It consumes very less power (as per vendor it can last for a decade). The most important thing is that the button is fairly cheap which cost around 5$.


You can setup the dash button using the amazon app on smart phone and get it connected the home wifi network.  Currently most the IOT devices such as fire alarms, security alarms are connected in the same manner.

By reading the documentations about the device, it consumes no or little power during it’s idle operation.  Once user press the button, it connects to the wifi network and notify to amazon using internet connection. After that the button turns itself off until the next button press to save power.  According the amazon’s description of the product, it can last for 1000 presses, which means user presses the button 4 times a month, the button power can last for 20 years.  Since electronica devices like this wouldn’t extend more than 3 years in practice, you don’t have to worry about replacing battery or recharging the device.  Normally battery powered IOT devices don’t exist because wifi devices consumes lots of power. This is the reason most of the IOT devices are using protocols such as Zigbee or Z-wave.  We must appreciate amazon for designing the device in such a manner that we don’t have to worry about the replacing the batter or recharging the device.

IOT buttons in Sri Lanka.

Since amazon is not operating in Sri Lanka and currently doesn’t ship to Sri Lanka. Amazon dash button is  currently opened exclusively for  amazon prime customers.  It must be commended that Dialog Axiata has taken the initiative to develop a button similar to amazon dash with the partnership of University of Moratuwa research lab.  The button is bit bulky than amazon dash button but the operation looks very similar to Amazon dash. We are yet to find out their performance since they haven’t launched the product publicly. Even though appearance of the button is somewhat different to amazon, operation of the button is very similar to that of amazon because it connects to the wifi network only the button is pressed and disconnected with wifi network when button is in idle operation.

Sri Lanka IOT button

IOT button by Dialog

Even though it is not sure how dialog is selling the device whether they are planning to partner with external vendors such as supermarkets or internal online retailer such as

Mean time Another online grocery delivering company Snapcart has launched a IOT button so that their customers can order groceries through their Snapcart quick button. Appearance and size of the button is very similar to the amazon and descripton of their button also looks very similar to that of amazon dash button.

The next mention of the IOT buttons in Sri Lanaka is in CIMA launch pad where the team fidget was planning to build a button which is similar to Amazon dash to order groceries online.

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