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FireFox OS: Will It be the Next Revolution..

Firefox OS

Firefox OS

 “I have a FireFox phone”. Don’t be surprised if you may hear someone telling like this in next few months. Firefox brand is not only a web browser any more. Mozila released their open source operating system on 2nd of April 2013 named as “Firefox OS”. It is being developed by Mozilla, targeting the Smartphones and Tablets with open standards with several approaches such as HTML5 applications, JavaScript, a robust privilege model, open web APIs to communicate directly with cellphone hardware, and application marketplace.

“Boot to Gecko” (Project B2G) was the initial project started in 2011 by Dr. Andreas Gal, Director of Research at Mozilla Corporation to build a complete, standalone operating system for the open web to design new APIs to use the OS capabilities and device with a privilege model. But in 2012 Andreas Gal expanded the Mozila focus and introduced the Firefox OS and commented “We use completely open standards and there’s no proprietary software or technology involved”. Firefox OS software stack is entirely HTML5.  The whole point is to show off what a phone can do with web standards, so that’s not surprising, but it’s an interesting sales proposition for a company looking to compete with heavily entrenched app-based ecosystems.

Firefox OS Layers

Firefox OS Layers

 After launching Firefox OS in Europe Firefox OS has now landed in Latin America. Telefonica’s local brands in Colombia and Venezuela started selling two Firefox OS phones which Alcatel OneTouch Fire and ZTE Open. Firefox have also announced that LG Electronics, ZTE, Huawei and TCL Corporation have committed to making Firefox OS devices. Firefox OS is compatible with a number of devices, including Otoro, PandaBoard, Emulator (ARM and x86), Desktop, Nexus S, Nexus S 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II, and Galaxy Nexus. Analysts forecasts that Firefox OS would account for 1% of the global smartphone market in 2013.

Firefox OS

Firefox OS

Key Features in Firefox OS

  • Each application written in Firefox OS is a web page therefore it reduce the app size and enhance the hardware for better performance.
  • Simple to crate and work on for the developers. To program in Firefox OS it needs only HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Compatible with flash player, which overcame a main drawback in some android versions.
  • Provide full access to device features including the hardware parts and program files itself.

Can Firefox OS beat Android giant and launch the next step of the Smartphone industry…. We can see it in near future.



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  • Android_Lover says:

    “Play Store” is for the advantage of Google (Android). But Android will be challenged for sure. Nice onekoli.

    August 7, 2013 at 3:00 am

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