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Will Camera Lens Become a Serious Concern for Smartphone Buyers When Buying a Smart Phone?


When I was a teenager I did not have a personal mobile phone. Two of my friends had mobile phones. One was a NOKIA 1100 and the other one was a Sony Ericsson phone. This was in around 2000-2002 period. I also had the desire of having my own mobile phone. But my mother didn’t allow me to have one. During that period those phones were like ‘heaven’ for me. But with time what has happened to the mobile phone market? Some amazing things have happened over last decade. The amount of technological advancement which has taken place in mobile phone industry is unimaginable. The most amazing thing is the frequency which these developments happen.

Though Nokia and Ericsson were there in the Smart Phone industry from 1990s’, it was in 2007 the revolution started to happen. The ‘iPhone’ is a smart phone that was designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is the first generation of iPhone and was announced on January 9, 2007 after months of rumors and speculations. As I believe this was the point it all started to take off in an unimaginable pace. The first phone to use Android was released in October 2008. It was called the HTC Dream. Android being an open source OS made the market more dynamic, with more mobile phone vendors started to do innovation and R&D on hardware which is cable of running Android OS in them.

At the very beginning customers attracted to ‘touch screen and stylus’ of smart phones had. With time Apple was able to develop and present a fantastic portfolio of applications for its customers through App Store. Same thing was done by Android through its application portfolio available in ‘Play Store’. Mean while hardware vendors such as QUALCOMM, Samsung, Nokia, etc speed up their innovation and R&D processes on hardware.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

The newest revolution which is about to take place is related to the ‘camera’ which is available in almost every smart phone. Today most high end smart phones have cameras which could give great photo shooting and video recording experience to users. But still there are people who would go for a separate camera (Most of my friends prefer going for a separate camera. They go for either Nikon or Canon). It seems like Samsung has identified the opportunity available due to this behaviour of the customers. They announced a mobile phone which has a zooming lens on June 2013. They have named it as ‘Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom’. The phone features a 10x optical zoom lens in front of its 16-megapixel CMOS sensor, with a Xenon flash for adding some extra light to images taken from it. Using this might will not produce results like using a Nikon D90. But most people would prefer buying this smart phone since it is multifunctional. The smart phone is available in the market to be purchased, from July 2013. I saw several entries in eBay. The price mentioned was ranged between US$489 – US$800, which I believe is a reasonable offer for the features available in the phone. Feature list is available in GSMARENA (

This is only the start. With the pace of which technology is changing, it might be a good thing if Nikon, Canon and other Camera producers could look in to a strategy which would make sure that they would not blown away from the market, because Samsung will not stop doing their R&D and innovation of developing features related to their new Galaxy S4 Zoom. Kodak was blown away, because they did not adapt accordingly.


Nokia’s ‘EOS’

Meanwhile I saw a number of images of Nokia’s ‘EOS’ 41 megapixel Windows phone leak in recent days. In this also main focus has been put on the quality of the camera smart phone has. Specification of the device is currently available in GSMARENA. We will hear more on the device in near future.